Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

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If you would like to add an upscale look to your bathroom, you may want to consider a bathtub made out of cast iron.  Cast Iron Bathtubs are normally shiny and coated with enamel.  These tubs offer an elegant, lavish and timeless look to any bathrooms they grace.

Cast iron bathtubs are made by casting iron, which means that the molten liquid iron is poured into a mold.   When the metal hardens the tubs become very durable and thick, making them last much longer than other types of bathtubs.  Once they are fire polished they become super smooth, glossy, very comfortable and beautiful.

Cast Iron tubs are great in the fact that they hold the heat of the water in the iron, allowing them to keep the bath water warm for longer periods of time than conventional tubs are able to do.  Cast iron is also known to decrease vibrations and noise.   Another advantage to this type of tub is that they do not scratch easily and if they do become scratched, they can be easily repaired.   Cast iron bathtubs are so durable in fact that they literally last a lifetime.   When it comes to care, these heavy bathtubs are by nature, resistant to acid and alkali staining and can be easily cleaned using common household cleaning pastes.

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Cast Iron Pedastal Bathtub

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There are several types of cast iron tubs. You can purchase the popular clawfoot cast iron tubs, such as that shown above, that offers old-world charm.  If you do not care for Classic Claw-Footed Tubs, there are modern cast iron tubs as well.  One such tub is the cast iron pedestal tub (shown on right) which, as the name implies, sits on a pedestal.  These bathtubs resemble the art deco style tubs of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

The outsides of cast iron bathtubs can be either finished or unfinished and you can choose from styles such as double ended, slipper baths, European styles and more.

Slipper style bathtubs are available in a classic slipper (shown below), such as the one shown below, or in a double slipper style.  The slipper cast iron bathtubs have a large back that allows you to lie and relax in the water.  The double slipper has a large back on each end of the bathtub.   Double-ended tubs feature rounded backs with a side mounted faucet.

Cast Iron Slipper Bathtub

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Another option is a deep soaking cast iron tub with high sides and a sloping back, made especially for people who love to take long, luxurious soaks. An oriental style cast iron tub gives a bathroom a contemporary look. These dual sided tubs sit on a wooden cradle that adds a fresh and modern look.

Cast iron tubs can be painted to match the décor of your bathroom and by painting the inside and the outside different colors, you can come up with some great combinations to make them stand out even more.  Since these tubs are enamel coated, you can have them re-painted and re-finished if you should change the color scheme of your bathroom.

If you wish to bathe in luxury, warmth and elegance, there really is no substitute in terms of old-world charm and craftsmanship when you choose a cast iron bathtub. With the many outstanding traditional and contemporary designs to select from, a cast iron tub offers you the ultimate bathing experience.

If you’ve not yet decided on a specific style or brand of cast iron bath tub, we recommend that you take a look at the Elizabethan Classics Tub, as well as American Bath Factory Tubs.  Both of these manufacturers produce high quality bathtubs that are both beautiful and functional.

Additional Research.

You can search for cast iron bathtubs by style to narrow down your options. If you are creative, adventurous, and were born with a wrench in your hand, learn how to install a bathtub. If you have a sense of style and color, you might want to paint your bathtub. Here is another reference for clawfoot tub refinishing. If your project has grown a lot bigger than you anticipated, why not start from scratch with some bathroom design ideas? If none of that works for you, expand your search with cast iron bathtubs from china?

Here’s a video that explains the features that are available in bast iron bathtubs.

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